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"Good work by Jared Callahan in moving the needle on trainings related to background checks and adjudication. The more relevant, good, training in the market, the better and more consistent we all become. Thanks for putting these together. A lot of companies need more training opportunities, especially those not tied to their own vendors and sales/products."

Shared Office Desk

Ernesto Martinez, VP, Operations @ Delivery Drivers, Inc.

"Working with Jared Callahan was a great experience. Not only is his wealth of knowledge readily available to tap into, but his ability to communicate complex concepts in an easily digestible manner is also of great value. Adjudication is an incredibly sensitive process for our company and Jared was able to educate our team on best practices and how to best mitigate the risk associated with the screening adjudication process."

Reading Newspaper

Brittania Bloom, Threat & Safety @ Square

"Jared is the epitome of a subject matter expert on background checks. I began in the BGC industry several years ago and knew very little. Jared went above and beyond teaching me the ins and outs of a complex industry. Perhaps what I am most grateful for, is that Jared has always championed Fair Chance Hiring."

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