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Background Check Courses

Meticulously designed to empower you with in-depth knowledge and practical skills.

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17 lessons + a certificate of completion: $199

The Professional's Guide to Background Checks Course is perfect for beginner to intermediate level individuals involved in the hiring process. 

Lessons covered;

  • Compliance (Fed, State, Local)

  • Public & Private Data Sources

  • Adjudication (Hiring Decision)

  • Continuous Monitoring 

  • And Much More!

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Individualized Assessment Training

Multiple lessons + a certificate of completion: $99

Individualized Assessment Training is an intermediate course for those who are involved in hiring decisions.

Lessons covered;

  • EEOC Title VII 

  • Nature-Time-Nature Test

  • Adjudication Matrix 

  • Written Policies

  • And Much More!


Fair Assessment Workshop

Coming Soon!

Multiple lessons + a certificate of completion: $149

An advanced course, the Fair Assessment workshop enables employers to clearly articulate a policy and rationale around the concept of fair assessment.

This scenario-based course walks participants through how to conduct individualized assessment using potentially adverse background check reports and factors recommended by the EEOC. 

Upon completion you will be able to;

  • Ensure proper adverse action workflows and procedures

  • Comply with EEOC Title VII  

  • Reduce litigation exposure

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